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Back and forth debate on Prop A continues in Harker Heights

Harker Heights elected officials have not addressed Proposition A since May, and now residents are pressing for a decision.

HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas — Debate and discussion about decriminalizing low amounts of marijuana possession in Harker Heights is still happening.

Proposition A has been a topic making its rounds for about a year now and is still leaving some residents confused, wanting answers and in some cases -- action. However, the Harker Heights City Council is still standing its ground on following the Constitution and state law. Elected officials have not addressed Proposition A since May.

The marijuana matter is at the top of the list for those who voted city council members to their seats. Around a dozen people addressed the city council about the matter during the city council meeting on Sept. 12.

There was a handful of people who wanted the council to stop disregarding the two elections where the majority of voters supported Proposition A.

"This is not a dictatorship, this is a democracy," said one of the advocates for Prop A.  "A democracy where the people's vote count."

"You've had disregard for elections now twice, you have disregard for taxpayers, obviously, and increasing enforcement," said Ground Game Texas Founder Julie Oliver. "I want to know when you're going to honor the will of the voters."

There was a different handful of people at the meeting who don't support Prop A and wanted to ensure the city council heard their opposition too.

"It's a foolish endeavor called Prop A where a group called Ground Game Texas is still trying to basically overthrow the State Constitution," one opposer said.

"You know the law, follow the law," said another Harker Heights resident.

There are other residents in Harker Heights who want to hold elected officials accountable, regardless if Prop A is passed.

"There's nothing in Texas code or our city charter that allows you to ignore the results of an election and nothing has been said," said Howard Arey, a Harker Heights resident. "We should not decriminalize marijuana, but I find it a lot more dangerous, a lot more dangerous, when elected bodies disregard election results because they don't like the outcome."

6 News asked the City of Harker Heights if they had anything else to say about Prop A, instead 6 News was referred back to the statement the City released nearly five months ago. You can read that here.

Proposition A is in place in Killeen as of Sept. 12, however, Bell County did sue Killeen over the ordinance. That lawsuit is still playing out in court.

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