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Getting bucks from the Rams: 3 lawsuits getting millions from the Rams

Let's bring you up to date on where all these lawsuits stand

ST. LOUIS — Three separate lawsuits have been brought against the Rams after they left St. Louis, and so far they're already on the hook for $49 million -- but things aren't over yet.

Let's bring you up to date on where three multi-million dollar lawsuits stand.

The Personal Seat Licenses Lawsuit

This lawsuit settled and the Rams must pay up to $24 million in refunds.

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  • Fans who bought personal seat licenses when the Rams moved the team to St. Louis are eligible for a 30% refund of the original cost.
  • The lawsuit argued breach of contract because the Rams had a 30-year contract in St. Louis and only stayed for 21 years.
  • 14,000 fans filed claims for a refund. The claims process is now closed. All refund checks must be mailed to recipients by December 31, 2019.

The Ticket/Merchandise Lawsuit

This lawsuit also is settled. The Rams must pay up to $25 million in refunds. 

Missouri residents who bought individual game tickets or Rams gear can make a claim for a 25% refund of the original cost. Fans who bought their tickets/gear directly from the Rams either received a postcard in the mail or an email notifying them of the chance to recoup cash. 

Fans who bought gear from a third party retailer must have a receipt and can file a claim here: https://ramsclassactionsettlement.com/ 

You have until mid-January 2020 to file a claim. If you need assistance filing the online claim, call 1-844-951-2349. A judge will likely decide next year when those checks will be mailed to fans.

The NFL lawsuit

This case is still pending. 

St. Louis City, St. Louis County and The Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority sued the entire NFL including the Rams. The lawsuit alleges the Rams violated the NFL’s relocation rules. The biggest hurdle in the lawsuit right now is where the case will be heard. 

The lawyers representing St. Louis want the case to go to trial in a public St. Louis courtroom. The lawyers for the NFL want the case heard privately in arbitration. 

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This disagreement has reached the U.S. Supreme Court, but it seems unlikely the high court will intervene. It is more likely the NFL and Rams will either settle the case to keep it out of court or go to trial. 

A public trial could mean Rams big wigs like Stan Kroenke, Rams C.O.O Kevin Demoff and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell could be called as witnesses.

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