TEMPLE, Texas — Two cars were hit by rocks near overpasses along I-35 in Temple in the last four days.

KCEN Channel 6 spoke to the Temple Police Department about its progress on the investigation.   

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One car was hit Saturday night between exits 303 and 305, and the other near exit 302 on Tuesday morning, police said.

Keila Flores was riding in the car on Saturday when a rock the size of a football broke through the windshield. She died at Baylor Scott and White Hospital on Sunday.

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No one was hurt in the second incident, but the rock hit the sunroof of a Volkswagen on the road.

Police could not confirm who the driver of the Volkswagen was. 

Temple police said they are treating the two cases individually, and they are looking into several leads to find those responsible. 

"In regards to the case from yesterday, we will treat that as criminal mischief depending on the outcome of the situation," Temple police spokesperson Chris Christoff said. "As far as the case from Saturday, that would be treated as a homicide."

Christoff said for the incident Tuesday, the charge will depend on what happened after the rock was thrown. 

KCEN Channel 6 asked Temple police if they are adding any additional security measures to find the people responsible. 

Police said they do not have enough officers to be everywhere at once, but they are making extra passes through their districts if necessary. 

We also asked if drivers should take any extra precautions while they drive, police said there is "no need to panic," but they want drivers to "keep their eyes peeled" and "stay vigilant."

"We certainly are not asking our citizens to deliberately put themselves into harms way," Christoff said. "Your safety should be a primary concern."

Police culd not confirm to KCEN Channel 6 how many people were involved in the second incident, nor the circumstances surrounding the rocks hitting the cars in both throws. 

KCEN Channel 6 spoke to drivers about what they look out for and their concerns on the road.  

Drivers said they commute on the stretch of I-35 every day where the rocks were thrown. Some said they now take the long way to get to their destinations to avoid those overpasses. 

"It's absolutely frightening if you're driving down the freeway that fast because you don't have reaction time to stop or understand what's happening," commuter Jillian Kientzy said. "You drive up and down I-35 every day and just kind of hope for the best as far as the cars around you, but you don't really think about threats coming up from the overpasses."

They said the situation has made them much more alert and it's really changed the way they go about their commute. 

"So, it's something you don't think about but obviously driving back I'm gonna be looking at the overpasses," commuter Mark Cranis said.

Kientzy also said she hopes whoever is responsible is caught, so everyone can get back to feeling safe on the roads.