Central Texas drivers know all too well that driving on Interstate 35 can be a nightmare, and sometimes deadly.

Local law enforcement nearly lost two of its own a few days ago on the highway.

Bruceville-Eddy Police Chief Bill McLean said on Thursday a vehicle broke down on I-35. Along with the Department of Public Safety, Bruceville-Eddy Police units were running their lights to get people on I-35 to slow down.

Not everybody paid attention to the warning lights and a semi almost ran into the officers, missing them only by inches. They are pleading with drivers to slow down and move over.

Police also said with the amount of construction on I-35, it makes it difficult for officers to assist with traffic crashes and disabled vehicles.

"It’s a scary situation,” said McLean. “You've got concrete on both sides of the highway. You have nowhere to go if something was to arise in a bad situation. It’s scary enough as it is because as a police officer you have no idea what you're about to deal with.”

Chief McLean said he has advised his officers when pulling over a vehicle to try and not cut their vehicle's lights on until they are near an exit. He also said officers are put in a tough situation when they are trying to help a car that has broken down.

Police only hope drivers will heed the warning signs and slow down.