Beginning Tuesday, licensed gun holders will be able to carry a concealed weapon on college campuses in the area.

Central Texas College and Temple College are some of the schools included.

Temple College officials said they held forums for staff, students and community members to create a policy that would be easy to understand and adapt to.

Anyone who is 21 or older and licensed to carry concealed handguns will be able to do so on community college campuses throughout Texas.

Temple College’s policy prohibits weapons in three areas. The testing center, at athletic events and in the board room when meetings are being held.

Mark Smith, Vice President for Educational Services said while it is a new law, students should not expect to see major changes.

“You’re supposed to have it concealed and no one is supposed to know you’re carrying it and if for some reason you’re showing your weaponry then we’ve given the directions that people are to contact our campus police so that campus police can address the situation in accordance with the laws,” Smith said.

Smith said some concerns came up while crafting the policy, which is centered around where people would be allowed to carry and open carry, but administration were able to work together to reach a solution.

"It was just a matter of getting folks in the room and sitting there and discussing what is the most practical way to do this," Smith said.

Smith added concealed carry should not be confused with open carry of handguns, which is not permitted on college campuses.

For more information about the campus carry policy at Temple College, visit their website.