Caritas Waco has helped many veterans in Central Texas, and after receiving a grant they will now be able to help many more. 

In June, they received a $200,000 grant for a program to help low-income veterans in the community get the services they need.

Johnny Melendez, a veteran in Waco was going through a rough patch when he started going to Caritas, which is a non-profit that helps battle hunger and poverty.

"Nobody knew what I was going through," Melendez said, "but I easily opened up and I'm happy about it."

Melendez was looking for better opportunities for him and his family when the program. Now, he's a part-time custodian at Caritas. 

Tammy Stevens, the director of client services said many veterans like Melendez just need a little push.

"The veteran just wants a little help," Stevens said. "They need a little guidance you know, a little bit of direction on what to do and how to do it and so we're so thrilled that Johnny is now an employee at Caritas."

Veterans like Melendez in this program meet with a case worker to keep track of their progress and see where they are in terms of their goals.

Melendez said everything he does is for his two children, because he doesn't want them to struggle like he did. So he said he's working hard to achieve one particular goal. 

"I would like one day to get a house for my daughter and my son and that way when the Lord takes me they have somewhere to go and they always have a home," Melendez said. "That's my biggest goal, my biggest biggest goal."

Melendez is also taking classes for his GED and Stevens said they want to hopefully continue to grow this program at Caritas Waco to help more veterans like him.