When people take out the trash their waste usually comprises of 50 percent compostable items. That's trash that good be put to better use, and by not dumping it, it helps reduce landfill waste.

The Green Plant in Harker Heights is helping do just that by providing a weekly front door compost pick-up for $5 with aims to educate people while providing a service.

The company provides you with a bucket, and any food scraps, paper or paperboard, yard trimmings, or wood waste can be placed in your bucket.


e are aiming to reduce the waste in the area and help educate the kids at schools about the benefits of composting,

" said Michelle Pace, owner of The Green Plant. "We also partner with local businesses such as Slice of Heaven micro-farm who receive compost from us and also give discounts to our customers on their products, such as the lotion and soap made from goats milk."

For Slice of Heaven farm owner LeeAnn Boore anywhere she can save on funds for her farm, is a big helps.

"The compost is great," said LeeAnn. "It helps grow my veggies which saves me money on groceries and means we don't need to go and buy commercial fertilizers."

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