Some Central Texas gas stations ran out of fuel Tuesday, citing Hurricane Harvey as the cause of the shortage.

Both the Valero and Stripes on Valley Mills Drive in Waco were completely out of regular unleaded gasoline late Tuesday morning.

The Valero said it only had diesel fuel remaining, and an employee was unsure when more gasoline would arrive. As for Stripes, the station only had E85 fuel and diesel fuel remaining. But, a Stripes worker said the gas station expected a shipment of regular gasoline to arrive Tuesday night.

Stripes store at Adams Ave and Kegley Road in Temple. 
Stripes store at Adams Ave and Kegley Road in Temple. 

Channel 6 staff confirmed the Valero by the Starbucks in the 1600 block of W Adams Avenue in Temple was also out of gas, and the nearby H-E-B on W Adams Avenue ran out of gas Tuesday, too -- but was resupplied late Tuesday night.

Water shortages were also reported by customers around Texas. A spokesperson for H-E-B said many of its grocery stores were limiting customers to three cases of water per transaction because more people are buying water than is being shipped to the stores. Both H-E-B locations in Temple confirmed they were limiting water purchases to three cases.

The Target store in Temple also confirmed to Channel 6 that it was out of milk.