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Central Texas Spotlight: Killeen teenager earning third college degree

Killeen student iHannah Baratang is raising the bar, set to receive her third college degree before she's even old enough to vote.

Killeen — A Killeen student is raising the bar, set to receive her third college degree before she's even old enough to vote.

Hannah Baratang graduated high school when she was 12 and earned two associates degrees by the age of 16, one in chemistry and the other in organismal biology. Baratang is now a junior at Texas A&M University Central Texas, on track to graduate with a Bachelors in Biology by the time she's 18.

"I used to take six classes a semester and every class that I took my love for it grew," said Baratang.

Hannah attended private school during the school year and was then home schooled every summer to reach this point, often catching new classmates by surprise.

"Usually they're a little taken aback but everyone's supportive and really helpful," said Baratang.

It's a situation classmate and friend Rutha Miller has grown accustomed to.

"Obviously it's very shocking and surprising to think that someone that young could be in college, but she's just as knowledgeable as us, she always strives to be the best and she's always working hard," said Miller.

Baratang's professor says the teen is breaking down barriers.

"If you put your mind to it and you work hard, something that may seem like it was out of your reach is actually not, It's right there and you can grasp it," said Laura Weisererlandson, Biology Professor.

However what about the missed memories of prom, graduation and Friday night football games?

"I've heard stories about how high school isn't really all that so I'm not too worried," said Baratang.

It's safe to say Baratang is on to bigger and better things.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," said Baratang.

Baratang does still have some friends in high school and plans to attend their prom when the time comes. After getting her Bachelors Baratang plans to go on to get her PhD.

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