TEMPLE, Texas — A woman in Temple joined a movement to spread a positive message in the community.

Dorenda Thomas, a writer and happiness coach, spent $900 to put up a billboard in Temple with one simple word on it, 'love'. 

"Love is just pureness and it's available to all of us," Thomas said.

John Pogachar began the 'Love on Every Billboard' movement in Spokane, Washington with just one billboard. Then it spread to the entire country.

The billboard in Temple is the 71st in the country and the second in Texas.

Thomas said we see thousands of advertisements daily and love is available to everyone for free.

"Every now and then, I like to just back away and imagine what if there was love on every billboard, how cool would that be," Thomas said. 

There's no hidden message behind the billboards other than to spread love.

Thomas said her hope is for people to be inspired to spread the message of unconditional love.

"We forget to slow down and smell the roses so to speak, you know and remember what's really important, and love that's what's most important of all," Thomas said. 

The Love Billboard is located north of Johnson Brothers Ford on I-35 in Temple. It's expected to come down Monday, June 17.

All donations to the 'Love on Every Billboard' movement go to putting up more billboards across the country.