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'Incredible' | Mother of Christopher Ramirez speaks of the moment she had her son back

An escort from Texas Children's in the Woodlands to the toddler's home included law enforcement, fire departments and first responders.

GRIMES COUNTY, Texas — Araceli Nunez, the mother of Christopher Ramirez, used one word to describe the moment her 3-year-old son was back in her arms.


Nunez said she grabbed onto her son and did not want to let go. "I just told him I loved him," she told media at a press event in front of her home. "Definitely it is a miracle." She said the first thing Christopher asked for was his brother.

Nunez said Christopher is doing very well and she is happy just to have him home. When faced with tough questions, she was a far cry from the woman who days before stood in front of cameras, vulnerable and emotional as she pleaded for help in finding her son. When a reporter asked her if she would do anything differently, her face registered the strength she no doubt had throughout the entire ordeal.

"I am a good mother," she declared through her translator, Grimes County Sgt. Martha Smith. "This happened in two minutes. It can happen to anybody." Then with a confident and warm smile, Nunez began to thank people for their time, thoughts and prayers, especially those who watched and kept up with the story throughout the nearly four days.

"This is to let you know that God exists. He is with us," Nunez said. She then asked for privacy and some time to process everything that had happened. She said she will consider talking more in the future about what happened.

WATCH: Press Conference with Araceli Nunez, Grimes Co. Sheriff Don Sowell

1:00 P.M.

Sheriff Don Sowell said Sgt. Martha Smith, who is with Grimes County, has picked up Araceli Nunez and Christopher and is headed to Tomball. They should arrive within the hour and then proceed to Plantersville.

On the Grimes County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, Sheriff Sowell said everyone is looking forward to this moment and hope anyone who can come out and welcome Christopher and his family back home will do so.

12:30 P.M.

Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell said a press conference with the family of Christopher Ramirez is scheduled at the boy's home after he returns from the hospital.

Christopher was expected to be discharged around 12 p.m. Monday from Texas Children's and will be escorted to Tomball by the Woodlands Police Department, fire department and other first responders. In Tomball, other law enforcement from surrounding communities, as well as first responders, law enforcement and fire departments from Grimes County will bring Christopher home to Plantersville.

10:00 A.M.

The Grimes County Sheriff's Office said Christopher Ramirez, the three-year-old boy who survived nearly four days on his own in a wooded area in Plantersville is expected to be released from the hospital around noon Monday.

To celebrate his homecoming, the sheriff's office said law enforcement, first responders, fire departments and citizens are gathering in the parking lot of Kroger's in Tomball around 11:30 to give the boy an escort to his home.

According to Sheriff Don Sowell, Christopher has improved and is doing well. His mother, Araceli Nunez, would like to meet with the media and publicly thank everyone for their work in finding Christopher. She would also like to thank the thousands of people who sent messages and prayers for her family and to the search and rescue teams. At this time, the press conference time has not yet been set.