TEMPLE, Texas — The Temple Independent School District has voted to enter into an agreement with the City of Temple to fund public improvements on 31st Street adjacent to Temple High School's campus. 

The school district will contribute $1.25 million to the total project improvement cost of $7.112 million.

Early design concepts show a roundabout placed on 31st Street that would help address several safety issues for the school. 

"This project represents a really good opportunity to enhance traffic flow safety, and security, for our students and for staff and for visitors," ISD Assistant Superintendent Kent Boyd said. "This plan includes a roundabout which serves as a traffic calming device. Traffic can continue to flow but at speeds that would be much slower."

Boyd said the new improvements would be especially helpful for traffic after football games. A marked crosswalk is in the design as well. 

Assistant superintendent Kent Boyd said while safety is the main benefit, the development will also improve how Temple High School looks.

"We do have an opportunity here to put our school front and center to a new development, with enhanced traffic patterns, and really improve the image that our school has from I-35," Boyd said. 

The city has spent $1.5 million to purchase the nearby properties for that new development and $212,000 for the conceptual design for the project. If the city of Temple accepts the agreement on their end at the city council meeting on Thursday, the next step will be to spend around $840,000 on a final design. 

City Spokesperson Shannon Gowan said the new development is needed in the area, but it will be some time before construction starts.  

"The design phase will be through this year and hopefully construction will begin hopefully before January 1st in 2022," Gowan said.