waco — The city of Waco is one step closer to bringing a bike share program to the downtown area.

The City council gave an initial approval Tuesday to allow bike sharing companies to operate in the city.

The council had to go through the first of required readings of an ordinance and said although they are very excited, they don't want to rush into it. Members said some cities have already had issues with the bike share stations. The council are picking vendors carefully and will make it clear to them that they are responsible for picking up any bikes seen laying around the city.

"We don’t want to make it loose enough, and we want to put restrictions on the fact that the vendor has to provide safekeeping on their bikes. We don’t want them thrown into the lakes, or rivers, and streams, and be a nuisance in any way," City of Waco Spokesman Larry Holze said.

On July 19, City Council will have to vote for approval again before the ordinance becomes official.

They hope to have a bike share company picked out by the fall.