Several north Temple residents reached out to Channel 6 News about illegal dumping on their street. After Channel 6 spoke to the city, it looks like they might get some help.

Two homeowners on Moores Mill Road told Channel 6 on Wednesday they regularly have people leaving trash bags, brush, and other junk on private property on Moores Mill Road in north Temple. When Channel 6 investigated the street, Channel 6 News Reporter Andrew Moore found brush piles and fencing dumped on a local vacant property. Right across the street was a city sign that said "no dumping". Right next to another residential property, we found a large Styrofoam block dumped next to the road.

Locals told Channel 6 they have been dealing with the problem for months, and people continue to dump in the area because it is never patrolled by police.

"Only if we have a wreck or a break in out here do we ever see a police officer," Beverley Moon said. "The dumping wouldn't happen if we had a constant patrol out here."

Moon said truckers normally come out and dump things after it gets dark. Locals also complained about 18-Wheelers using the street constantly and street racing.

So, Channel 6 News went to the City of Temple to see if the city could get more patrols out in the area. Temple Spokeswoman Shannon Gowan said she'd ask police to do just that.

"After talking to you and Channel 6, I called the police department and told the traffic unit of the concerns of the community in that area," Gowan said. "We do have officers that are assigned to that area and they patrol that area regularly to help keep the community safe. That being said, because of your request today, I called the traffic unit and they will work to have more of a presence in that area."

Gowan also told Channel 6 that, while citizens are generally required to clean up their own property after something is dumped, Code Enforcement can work with homeowners if something is illegally dumped, and they are struggling to get it cleaned up.

"Code enforcement can work with those residents on an individual basis to see if there is something we can do to help them," Gowan said. "Maybe have solid waste go out and get whatever dumping is on that lot. It's going to be different for each situation."

If you need the city to help you with something illegally dumped, call Temple Code Compliance at 254-298-5670.