Jay Mbiro is a DJ in Kenya. He plays music for his local church. He has a future, but only because someone chose to help through Compassion International.

From Friday Oct. 20 to Sunday Oct. 22, Compassion International will hold a tour of Jay's life, as well as that of another child, at Central Texas Marketplace.

The tour takes people through multiple small rooms, each showing off a moment of Jay's life. It shows how Jay's mother supported the family by making moonshine, how he lived in a small room with tattered cloths, and how he went to jail for stealing at 9 years old.

But the tour also displayed a model of the school Jay could later enjoy. Compassion International has helped start schools in 25 other countries across all over the world.

The nonprofit said it has helped over 1 million children since 1952, but added there are millions more that need help.

At the end of the exhibit, tour goers can read profiles of children still looking for a sponsor.

The tours will continue Saturday Oct. 22 from 11 a.m. to 6:40 p.m. at Central Texas Marketplace.