Coryell Community Church has been helping the people in the Gatesville area recover from addiction for several years, but now one of its program is looking to grow.

The church houses a Celebrate Recovery program -- a nationally used program that brings a Christian approach to the 12-step process used in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Program leaders claim it works consistently.

"It's a spiritual based program based on the 12 steps. It shows us a way to Christ and building a relationship with Christ." Program Lead Steven Walker said. "But at the same time it works on your inner being."

Walker came to the program around 2010. At the time, he wasn't looking to teach. However, he was looking for help.

"I came from a broken family, a broken home when I was young," Walker said. "Which allowed me to make the wrong choices. Turned to alcohol and drugs over the years. This program has allowed me to overcome my addictions. It has given me a life I once didn't have."

When Walker came into the program, he was single and struggled with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Today, he and his wife, Jackie Walker, lead the program.

They've been doing it for two years.

"It happened by the grace of God," Walker said.

Walker was active beforehand as a co-leader in the program. Since he and his wife took over, Walker said the program has helped dozens of people start their recovery from drugs.

The program also deals with many other addictions.

"It's not about just drugs and alcohol," Walker said. "It's about sexual addiction, co-dependency, gambling, over eating, all that."

Drug addiction is a frequent issue of course. Some people come in looking for help. Others come in because a judge told them they had to.

Megan Richardson was told by a judge she had to attend in the summer of 2015.

"I was living on the streets," Richardson said. "I was using intravenously. I had nothing. I had lost custody of my kids. I had lost my job."

After two years, however, Richardson's life changed completely.

"Now... I have a job, I have a car, I see my children frequently," Richardson said. "I'm a member of this church. I have a one-year-old daughter. My life is filled with blessings right now.

Richardson said she originally turned to drugs because of low self esteem and continued as she tried to escape reality. There was a time she took anything she could. Then she entered the program.

"I learned the love that God has for me," Richardson said. "I learned that I have a purpose and my life matters. Life is made for more than just surviving."

Celebrate Recovery also serves the family members of those who have fallen into destructive habits.

To contact Celebrate Recovery at Coryell Community Church in Gatesville, go to this website and call Steven or Jackie at the numbers provided. Celebrate Recovery meets in the church building every Tuesday at 6 p.m.