A Dallas based social activist group spoke at the Waco city council meeting with the family of Kerry Bradley.

Bradley was shot and killed earlier this month after a Waco police said he ran over officer William Graeber.

Officers were issuing a drug related warrant to Bradley.

During the incident, Bradley was shot by police, and officer William Graeber was run over by the SUV Bradley was driving.

Last week, The Next Generation Action Group said they have video that contradicts the timeline of events, but Waco police said that video has not been shown to them. The group hasn’t made the video available to Channel 6 either.

The group also claims Bradley was shot 22 times. However, those number have not been made public and the group is refusing to provide evidence for their claim.

The Waco police department said the investigation is being conducted by the Texas Rangers and The Special Crimes Unit.

They said they will not comment on the case before it’s presented to the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office.

Police said the three officers involved are on administrative light duty.