WEST, Texas — Wednesday marks the 6th anniversary since of the deadly explosion in the city of West.

The West Fertilizer Plant explosion on April 17, 2013, left 15 people dead, more than 260 injured and damaged hundreds of homes in the area.

Mayor Tommy Muska said they want to leave this incident in the past and move forward.

"We still have to reflect on what happened six years ago, but that is something that is in our past and it's not going to define us," Muska said. "We're going to be fine by the resilience of this community."

A memorial which had been in the works for about a year and a half was unveiled Saturday. Muska said the completion of the memorial was the closure many people in the community needed.

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There aren't any plans for a formal ceremony, according to Muska, but they invite the community to stop by the memorial to reflect and remember the lives that were lost.

"We're gonna let people go out to that memorial, which is what it's for, to reflect on those individuals, to reflect on and the recovery that the city has had in six years."

Moving forward, Muska said West will have a ceremony every five years. 

If you'd like to visit the memorial site, it's located at the West City Park on 1401 Stillmeadow Dr, West, TX 76691.

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