KILLEEN, Texas — Delores Gaston has been coaching our youth for the last six years, not only changing the lives of those she coaches but their parents, too.

"This woman right here goes above and beyond for these kids," said Kyra Dodd, who nominated Gatson to be this week's Subway Standout Coach. "She makes sure her kids have shoes. She makes sure she has uniforms, even if they can't afford it."

When she's not coaching, you'll find Gatson helping the kids as much as she can and volunteering at sporting events throughout Killeen Independent School District. Because of her contributions to youth in the area, she is this week's Subway Standout Coach, an honor for coaches in the community who make a difference.

"I was one of those kids who needed a lot of guidance," Gaston said ahead of the volleyball game at Live Oak Ridge Middle School. "I was smart, but I needed a lot to help with my energy, so I played sports. My coaches played a big role in my life."

Gaston also said her way of giving back to her community is by doing the same thing for these kids as her coaches did for her.

Dodd said having a coach like Delores has made such an impact on her life as a parent.

"I recently had a high-risk pregnancy and I wasn't able to take my daughter to practices," she said. "Delores did that. She picked up that load."

As Gatson keeps score and supports the kids she coaches from the sidelines, she is aware of how different life could have been for her.

"I could have been left in the cracks," she said.

Dodd said she believes that without Gatson, some of these kids would be left behind, forgotten about and struggling to find their identity.

"Without her, they probably would be somewhere on the streets," Dodd said.

As a coach who was once saved by her own coaches, Gaston said her advice to other coaches is to give each kid the best chance possible.

"Just don't coach the ones that already have talent, coach all of the kids," she said. "Reach all of them. Someone's got a message somewhere and they need the extra guidance and you might be the difference in their life."

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