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'Texas is not immune': Local detective stresses fight against human trafficking after Dallas teen found in sex ads

Det. Joseph Scaramucci says having the training and tools to combat human trafficking is important for law enforcement and that’s why he helps other departments.

WACO, Texas — After a missing North Texas teen was later found in Oklahoma through sex advertisements, local law enforcement is working to stop the reality and bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking.

Joseph Scaramucci is the lead detective of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office Human Trafficking Unit and he travels across the country helping other law enforcement departments in the fight against trafficking.

Unfortunately, Scaramucci is no stranger to aiding in tracking down victims of human trafficking.

He says in most human trafficking cases there is some type of prior communication. He can’t speak to the Dallas case in particular as it’s not his jurisdiction, but he understand that in fresh situations – the facts aren’t always clear.

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Scaramucci tells 6 News that not every case should or can be considered human trafficking which is exactly what law enforcement in North Texas didn’t do.

“Looking at what law enforcement did or did not do on this particular case -- we have to evaluate the facts that they had them at the time when they add them,” he explained. “That's difficult to do. The beauty is that this girl was recovered and people are being held accountable for that."

Scaramucci says having the training and tools to combat trafficking is extremely important for law enforcement and that’s why he helps other departments across the country. He says unfortunately, human trafficking happens everywhere, not just in McLennan County where the Sheriff’s Office makes it a top priority.

“Anywhere in the state of Texas is not immune to this and it's like any other fight -- we're going to take,” Scaramucci explained. “If we're going to actively combat it, we have to know the right ways to do that and we have to have the tools necessary to be able to do that.”

Scaramucci says another huge role in stopping human trafficking is public education and involvement, which can lead to more help in each case.

“I think that's one of the things that really has made Waco so unique as a whole, not only with our task force, but with the community support that we get in the anti-trafficking field,” he said.