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Dog returns home after being gone for 77 days

The Bray family was reunited with their dog, Kaia, 3 days before Christmas after she was gone for 3 months, but the family said Kaia has health problems upon return.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Just last month, an east Toledo family was reunited with their dog after it was missing for 3 months.

Kaia made her way out of the Bray family home back in October and the family did everything they could to bring her back. The family said they posted on Facebook, searched themselves and reached out to the community for help. 

Their son, Paxton Bray, even reached out to Santa and asked him to bring Kaia home for Christmas, according to his mom, Karie Bray.

"He told everybody it's like having our family together again. It really was at that point you know. She is a part of our family. She's been with us for a few years now, so when she was gone, it just felt like there was a piece missing," Karie said.

Thanks to a local animal rescue, Kaia was able to return to her family just 3 days before Christmas. While they made it through the Christmas holiday, they had a long road ahead going into the New Year 

According to the family's GoFundMe, after they were able to get Kaia back, a vet discovered their dog had a broken paw. They said the dog needs to see an orthopedic vet in Flint, Michigan as they hope to bring her to full recovery.


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