TEMPLE, Texas —

The Texas Rangers investigation in the Michael Dean case is in the final stages and will be forwarded to District Attorney Henry Garza soon, according to Sgt. Washko of the Department of Public Safety.

This news came Monday, the same day the Temple chapter of the NAACP held the third protest calling for answers in the case six weeks after Dean’s death. More than 50 protesters met outside the Bell County Justice Center Monday.

Garza did make an appearance before the protest and spoke with a protest leader.

During the protest, the Temple chapter of the NAACP said their next step is to file a complaint of violation for civil rights. They said it’s a Title 6 Civil Rights Act of 1964 with the Department of Justice.

The Temple branch President, Bennie Walsh said they plan to continue protesting and are calling on others to join their message.

“Here we are again trying to get the word out, letting people know that there has been an injustice. There has been an injustice to our community. There has been an injustice to the family,” Walsh said.

The group will hold a march starting at 3 p.m. to honor Martin Luther King Jr., but also continue highlighting Dean's case on Monday.

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