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Dreams and faith under a Belton Summer Moon

'Summer Moon' set to debut in Belton this Saturday as coffee shop boom continues in Central Texas

BELTON, Texas — There's big things happening throughout Central Texas, both in Temple and Belton, as new coffee shops take root to call this area home.

While it's nothing new, with the opening of Dutch Bros. and Black Rifle Coffee Company late last year, it's an interesting trend that doesn't seem to be ending.

"I wish I had a scientific study on it but I just don't have those numbers,"  said Rod Henry, the President of the Temple Chamber of Commerce. "I looked to see what was missing here as the renaissance was happening and you know what, coffee shops were high on the list."

The gold rush of coffee shops in Central Texas continues this weekend with the opening of 'Summer Moon' will open on Saturday.

"We're so excited to finally see our dreams come true," said McKenzie Fleming, who co-owns the trailer with her sister, McKenna, her parents and their husbands.

"You know, you think about, where do you want to meet, let's meet at the coffee shop, where do we want to have our study, let's meet at the coffee shop. For us, it's really about bringing our community together," Fleming said.

McKenna Brumfield, who just moved back to Belton to open the once-in-a-lifetime business with her family, couldn't agree more.

"I'm serving my community and that means more to me than a trailer or awesome seating and a good cup of coffee, it's the fact that I brought joy and peace to someone. Maybe I don't know what their going through and I got to be a little tiny piece of life," Brumfield said.

The sound of family is what can be heard inside the coffee trailer on Sparta Road in Belton. The smell of Oak Roasted Coffee beans fills the air ahead of their grand opening Saturday at 7 a.m., a family love affair with coffee and service while glorifying God for all He's given to them.

"It's really the people behind the coffee that make it what it is. We've got an amazing set of employees that are here and just willing to serve and to be servants to those who are coming here," Fleming said, a nod to the hard working staff.

But this story is about more than being the latest coffee shop but also about helping make a dream come true for someone else.

"Owning or running a coffee shop has always been a dream since I was 11," store manager Rachel Whitmier said. "I grew up drinking coffee, talking about the Lord and just spending time with my Dad."

To understand the man behind Whitmier's dream is to know Dennis Eisch who was Whitmier's first hero, her father and the first man to believe she could do anything. Eisch passed away in 2020. She says he's still everywhere, especially right now.

"His saying was always, 'Bean, that was my nickname, I don't know what to tell ya..' but I feel like he would sit back and would, in his commanding presence, just tell me how proud he is," she said as she wiped away tears.

On the eve of what will be three dreams coming together, there's a faith that's anchored deep inside the Summer Moon 28-foot caffeinated trailer of hope that's coming to life in the bottom of a cup.

"If coffee shop walls could talk, the stories that they could tell and I feel like you can feel that in our coffee because it's made with so much love," Brumfield said with a smile on her face.

Henry, who loves a cup of coffee or two every day himself, simply said it's time for Temple and the surrounding cities to catch up.

"It's like catching up with the world. We are filling a void," said Henry. "Good entrepreneurs see the opportunity and they are seizing that opportunity right now. I have said many times because of the many unique things that are happening in our community it's Temple Time. We talk about Temple Strong but really, it's Temple Time. Things are starting to come together really nicely."

Summer Moon Coffee in Belton is opens to the public on Saturday, January 29 at 7 a.m. and is located at 111 Sparta Road.

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