FORT HOOD, Texas - Video of a Fort Hood soldier reuniting with his wife and young daughter has gone viral.

The emotional video was viewed more than 360,000 times and has become an inspiration for thousands of military families waiting for their deployed loved one to come home.

"I could not believe it, I posted it just mostly for friends and families to see on Facebook and the next day it was at 100,000 views," Fort Hood military spouse Trinity Campos said.

Specialist Bryan Campos of Fort Hood has been in the army for two years. He was sent to Germany for eight months and this was his first time being deployed.

"It's hard because we have Aria and it’s not easy to explain to her what’s going on so that’s the hardest part,” said Campos.

His wife Trinity says taking care of three-year-old old daughter Aria by herself was challenging.

"I knew it was coming, but I did not expect it to be that hard, especially with her knowing and asking for him,” Trinity Campos said.

Trinity said their video is helping others.

"I've gotten so many messages from wives all over the country telling me how much of an inspiration it has been for them, or they are in a deployment and that video is helping them because they are looking forward to that moment,” Trinity Campos said.

The couple’s daughter Aria watches the video every day.

"Because I love my daddy so much,” Aria Campos said.

Specialist Campos had no idea his homecoming would be filmed. Trinity says she wanted to make the video so that Aria would remember the day forever.

The video was filmed by Lindsey Berry Bryant and the photos were taken by Bear Moose and Fox Fine Art photography in Killeen. To watch the full video view below or click here.