Just a day after a murder in the city of Killeen, community members gathered to say enough is enough and find ways to create much needed change.

People in the area met at Long Branch Park early Sunday.

They had a cookout, made signs with positive messages on them, and brainstormed ways to stop the rising tide of violence in Killeen.

Event organizers said they are growing frustrated with the crime and hope having open community conversations about it is a step in the right direction.

Killeen Rapper Deniro said they go through and see it every day.

“Why not talk about it. We talk about everything else that don’t mean nothing,” Deniro said. “We look outside our door it’s another victim and half the time it’s somebody close to home.”

Killeen resident Leek said they all have to live together and they are all one community no matter what side of town.

The pair plans to release a song called “Wake Up Killeen” as a way to further their message of unity in the next couple of weeks.