WACO -- Former Baylor Head Football Coach Art Briles made his first on-camera comments Wednesday since his firing by Baylor, amid the investigation into the University's mishandling of reports of rape and sexual assault.

KCEN HD News Reporter Stephen Adams caught up with Briles outside the Torchy's Tacos restaurant near Baylor in Waco, where he was having a private luncheon with his former players, coaches and some family members.

"I was just hanging with the guys, coaches. It's all about them," Briles said.

In a brief exchange, Briles said he would coach football by 2017, though he declined to say where that would be -- or if he would take a job with a college or professional football team.

KCEN HD News also asked Briles about his firing, as it relates to the sexual assault investigation by law firm Pepper Hamilton. While Briles declined to respond when asked about his firing, his attorney friend Ernest Cannon recently told KCEN HD News that Briles does not believe he should have lost his job.

"Coach Briles does not think he should have been dismissed," Cannon said during a recent phone interview. "He still thinks he should be head coach at Baylor. But, he has never expressed any anger or resentment or hard feelings or said anything negative about any other person as long as I've known him."

Briles reiterated those positive feelings on Wednesday, saying he loved Waco and Baylor.

As he was driving away, fans shouted words of support for Briles. One of them was Julie Marple, a 1983 Baylor graduate who said Briles was a good man.

"I don't think there's one ounce of me that thinks he's at fault at all," Marple said.

She said she agreed with KCEN HD News' effort to get Baylor to release the full findings of the Pepper Hamilton Report, which she believed could exonerate Briles.

KCEN HD News continues to urge Baylor to be transparent and put all the facts out in the open, while omitting the names of victims -- out of respect for them.