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Father, son from Temple write self-help book for kids

"Learning to Fly Without Wings" is a self-help book for kids written by a Temple father and son who want to help young minds get through rough times.

TEMPLE, Texas — Not all kids have it as easy as others, and there isn't necessarily a blueprint on navigating through tough times kids might go through. 

Princeton Akram and his dad, Dustin, are changing that. The father and son duo recently wrote "Learning to Fly Without Wings," which is a self-help book for kids growing up in poverty, put into a tough situation, or going through tough times.

"I just thought about the things that I went through when I was younger, and I just wanna show kids how to dodge situations like I went through," Princeton said.    

Princeton is just 12-years-old but had to endure a tough childhood himself that resulted in him writing the book. The 35-page life guide sets up a red, yellow, and green zone that the reader can identify with. The book provides steps and goals to get out of one zone and into a better one.

Princeton not only wrote the book, but he also illustrated it himself. The few photos in the book are meaningful representations of the different zones the book describes. 

Dustin said that he wanted Princeton to have an entrepreneurial side to him and wanted to teach him the value of a dollar early in life. With this book, he was able to share the experience of writing the book with his son and teach him lessons at the same time. 

"You know as a parent, you want the best for your children,
 Dustin said. "It's all the knowledge and wisdom we learn, we can instill in our children. We have to give them a head start."

The book is available now and you can purchase it on Amazon.