HILLSBORO, Texas - After serving the Hillsboro community for 137 years, the oldest pharmacy in Texas has filled its final prescription.

More than 100 years of history in a 30-pound book of records have been kept over the years by T.B. Bond Pharmacy owner Joe Cunningham. The vintage medicine bottles in the shop offer a small glimpse of how people were treated more than a century ago. But now Cunningham is retiring after 30 years, and closing the doors to the oldest pharmacy in Texas forever.

"When you start treating patients and multiple generations of families you start building and strengthening relationships," Cunningham said.

The final prescription was filled last week and on Saturday all that was left for customers was a letter on the front door, which left families shocked with memories of their favorite shop.

"We'd go by Joes and we would pick up some Sprite and Tic-Tacs and go swimming and play with the weight machine," Hillsboro resident Jewles Lockhart said.

“We loved that man. He was wonderful and had everything we needed," Hillsboro resident Julia Brown said.

T.B. Bond was started by Dr. William Bond, a former surgeon in the Confederate Army. Customers said they are sad to see a part of Hillsboro history evaporate in the wind.

"We're still going to have the memories of Bonds pharmacy, and bonds alley, and everything that surrounds that,” customer Vicki Hidde said.

The pharmacy was sold to Eagle Drug in Hillsboro. Cunningham says he'll work there part-time, as he turns the page to the next chapter of his life. He said he’ll miss his customers.

“They build up a level of trust and confidence with me. To share and know that I can help them with some of their health care issues in their lives, or the lives of their families, those are the memories that I or any pharmacist will cherish,” Cunningham said.