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Fireworks at home in greater demand with public shows canceled

With public fireworks shows canceled for the Fourth of July, people are buying more fireworks than ever before.

TROY, Texas — Normally, the American Fireworks Superstore in Troy will be open for a few days without much business.

This year, with coronavirus canceling public fireworks shows and people looking to stay home as case numbers continue to rise, the store has seen a steady flow of customers since it opened for its 4th of July season.

"I would say it's at leased doubled, based on the orders that we've had to place to get additional merchandise in," American Fireworks superstore coordinator Debra Cahill said. "A lot of custom shows people are doing for their area and people can watch."

But the shopping looks different in ways other than larger crowds inside the stores. The superstore location in Troy is requiring masks inside and social distancing in the aisles.

That's in addition to the barriers put up between customers and cashiers.

"Safety is always our concern," Cahill said. "That's, of course, additional with COVID and taking CDC recommendations in to question."

As for what's popular, Cahill said people like bigger shows with fewer fuses.

That way, people can stay as safe as possible and enjoy the 4th of July as close to normally as possible. Even when times are as far from normal as they are.

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