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Fireworks stands busy ahead of Independence Day; expect to sell out amid shortage

A shortage caused by supply chain issues could mean you don't get your favorite fireworks this year if you wait too long to buy.

TEMPLE, Texas — Fireworks retailers sounded the alarm about an expected firework shortage and they're seeing it become a reality with several more days of sales left.

Marissa Garza and her family choose to shop early each year but they didn't have a choice this year.

"A lot of the stuff, a lot of the good stuff, is pretty much gone and not only that, we heard about the whole shortage and everything," said Garza.

The so called shortage has people not walking but running to fireworks retailers.

"We started off quicker than normal, faster paced than normal, so we're already seeing people come in [and] buying basket loads that would normally wait until the second, third, and fourth," said Debra Cahill, Superstore Coordinator for American Fireworks.

Employees of an American Fireworks Superstore in Temple are seeing some customers walk out with $300-to-$500 dollars worth of product.

"We are fortunate to have a great supply to choose from thanks to American Fireworks stand being ahead of the game," said Cahill.

Not all retailers are as lucky as American Fireworks. There is low inventory across the country from a disruption in the supply chain.

"Well the access is not there for them to wholesale from," said Caihill. "You know the suppliers are keeping the majority for their own locations and, unfortunately it has impacted the mom and pop, unless they had something left over but last season was a big season so that's not likely or they have had to search high and low."

Not only are they retailers short, but some of the products are coming with a bigger price tag.

"I don't think we would notice just because we kind of spend a lot anyways," said Garza.

Customers are willing to pay, but they're not willing to leave empty handed.

"We will sell out, we'll see what will be left on the fourth -- we will do everything in our power to get more in but we can't promise that because we don't know what will be available," Cahill added.

The pandemic canceling Fourth of July events in 2020 forced many to get their firework fix by shooting them off themselves -- leading to boosted sales. American Fireworks believes the trend is sticking around.

"I do think that will be something new that is forming and tradition that continues," said Cahill.

Retailers are expecting foot traffic to pick up each day as it gets closer to the holiday weekend.

Texas' retail fireworks selling season ends at midnight on July 4.


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