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Former Baylor Standout Enters 'Not Guilty' Plea After Returning To Jail For Rape Case

Former Baylor football star Shawn Oakman was back in jail Wednesday morning as part of his sexual assault case.  

Former Baylor football star Shawn Oakman was back in jail Wednesday morning as part of his sexual assault case.

Oakman has maintained his innocence for months, and Wednesday he made it official by entering a plea of 'not guilty.'

The 24-year-old bonded-out of jail for a second time by posting a new, higher $50,000 bond, but he had to agree to new bond conditions which included not being able to leave McLennan County without a judge's permission, something his attorney said was 'pretty standard.' He also waived his arraignment scheduled for Friday by entering his plea.

Channel 6 news was the only media there as Baylor's former defensive end posted bail; he posted a $25,000 bond the first time back in April after he was arrested for sexual assault. However, per procedure in McLennan County, Oakman had to return to be re-booked into jail because he was indicted on the charge. A Waco grand jury indicted Oakman two weeks ago.

Oakman is accused of raping a Baylor graduate student at his James Avenue duplex near campus on April third. However, Oakman claims he and the alleged victim had an intimate relationship and had consensual sex that night.

Waco-based criminal defense attorney Michelle Tuegel, who represents Oakman, said they're doing their own investigation into what happened.

"Of course we want to find out everything we can about the person who has accused Shawn because we feel like there are a lot of details and facts that are still to come out, things that concern us about this case that we think are important that differentiate it from other cases that have been lumped in with Shawn's case that are different," said Tuegel.

In a sit down interview with Channel 6, Tuegel allowed Oakman to be present, but not speak on camera. She said she expects everything will come to light in court, although that could be a long ways away.

Oakman is the third Baylor football player indicted for sexual assault since 2012.

Tuegel said she was concerned about the possibility of Baylor's dark cloud hanging over her client.

"Shawn is an individual, he's, he's his own person and this is his case, he is to be presumed innocent, like every person," said Tuegel. "We don't want people to assume things, that's really important in this case, especially in light of everything that's going on at Baylor."

The accusations against Oakman came out amidst an investigation into Baylor's mishandling of sexual assaults and weeks before the NFL draft. Baylor's all-time-leader in sacks wasn't drafted by the NFL and is now a free agent, but he's been continuing to train, surrounding himself with family and friends during the process.

"It's a hard situation, but I know from Shawn, and we talk pretty regularly, from talking to his family, that he's just working on trying to get through this next phase and hopefully those opportunities will be there and he can seize them when they are," said Tuegel.

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