FRANKLIN, Texas — Volunteers spent most of Sunday afternoon helping Franklin residents pick up whatever they had left after an EF3 tornado ripped through the small town Saturday morning. 

At least seven people were injured in the storm, and first responders from across Central Texas rushed to help anyone who needed medical assistance. 

Luckily no one died in the tornado, but some residents watched the storm seriously damage their homes and change their lives.

Resident Robert Burton said he woke up to the sound of the storm sending a double-wide trailer into the side of his house.

"It just sounded like a big boom," Burton said. "I didn't really hear anything until I woke up and saw my window break in. The tree fell and hit glass."

Now, the community is left finding a way to move forward from the damage.

"I saw so many people lose their homes," resident Shaunte Witherspoon said. "They have to come back from that. Nobody lost their lives, thank God, but they have to come back from that. I know it's hard for them, and I feel sorry for them."

As residents try to rebuild, the First Baptist Church opened its doors to anyone who lost their home and had nowhere else to sleep at night.