Many Temple drivers love to stop in at the 7-Eleven on West Adams and 363. As of Oct. 20, however, those customers won't be stopping for gas.

Why? There won't be any.

On October 16, store owner Bumni Adetutu received an email from the 7-Eleven corporate office stating that the store's gas would be pumped out for good.

The letter stated:

"The cost of upgrading the equipment to comply with regulatory requirements, combined with the level of gasoline sales at the store, don't justify the continuing expenses of operating the gasoline facility."

In short, the gasoline tank under the store needed to be replaced and corporate did not want to pay for it.

But the store at 4315 W Adams Avenue isn't the only location in Temple that lost its gas.

Out of the six other 7-Eleven stores Channel 6 News found in Temple, two had its gasoline pumps taken away years ago and a third location was closed. In fact, the 7-Eleven on 2303 South 57th Street in Temple was, as of Oct 22., the only store inside the 363 loop that had gasoline.

Adetutu said the change will result in a loss in revenue, but he will keep his store going as long as possible for the customers he sees every day.

"Every time I welcome my customers I tell them 'welcome to your 7-eleven,' because in fact it is theirs," Adetutu said. "Sometimes you do things to just have a good community, to have their community coming back, and not for the financial angle of it."