A jury returned with a guilty verdict Wednesday for Alec Nava. He received the maximum 20 year sentence for hitting a paramedic with his car while driving drunk. Rory Barros was injured so badly he had to have his left leg amputated.

"I think its a good decision. I really do," Barros said after the verdict was read. "Like I said yesterday I don't wish him any harm or anything like that. I am glad that he is getting some kind of consequences and he will realize there are things that happen whenever you do things."

Nava cried as the jury handed down his sentence. He must serve ten years before he is eligible for parole.

"You can tell the sentencing had an impact on him, and he clearly showed that," said Rory Barros mother-in-law Lisa Beck. "I just thought it was important to show him that our ordeal doesn't end here."

Nava was convicted of Intoxication Assault on a Public Servant. During the trial it was revealed that at the time of the crash Nava's blood alcohol content was 0.225 which is almost three times the legal limit of 0.08. McLennan County prosecutor Danielle London says this case should serve as a learning lesson to those who choose to drink and drive.

"There's no tolerance in McLennan County for this type of activity," said London. "We hope that anyone considering it will think twice given what the jury here will do."

Waco Police Officer Troy Sandifer testified Nava had a number of empty beer cans in his car when they approached him and that he didn't seem to realize what he had done.

It happened August 19 while Barros was responding to a crash near the intersection of Imperial Dr. and Loop 340. Barros was struck as he was stepping out of his ambulance. The jury got to watch a video of the accident happening Tuesday morning. Barros's wife said he had to have 16 surgeries and spent four months in the hospital.

"We refuse to come out of this saying this changes us for the worse," Barros's wife Amy said Tuesday. "We will continue to live our lives and so will Mr. Nava. So it doesn't matter what happens here today."

Nearly a dozen paramedics came to the trial to support Barros. Waco Police said that Nava's license was suspended at the time he hit Barros. Barros said whatever happens to Nava it will not be closure for him, just relief.

"It's not like he tried to single me out and run me over if he would have wrecked 100 miles down the road, I would have been the one to help him."

Rory Barros outside court Tuesday