A Hard Hatted Women initiative in Waco is encouraging more women to work in the construction industry. It is all part of a national campaign for women in construction week.

According to the Waco nonprofit SkillPoint Alliance, by 2020 there will be close to 100 thousand open construction jobs in Central Texas, and they are hoping to train more women for those positions. The nonprofit said there are very few women in the construction trade right now and the jobs pay well.

“There are excellent jobs available and career paths available to women in construction trades,” SkillPoint Alliance Waco Program Director Mallory Herridge said. “I believe right now recent studies have shown that only eight to nine percent of people in the construction trade nationally are women, so we have work to do."

Starting in April SkillPoint Alliance will offer an entry-level heating, ventilation, and air conditioning class. The class will run for eight weeks. If students are accepted, the classes will be offered at no cost. This summer, they will also offer a 2-3 week general construction skills class. If you would like more information you can contact Skillpoint Alliance at 254-732-0620.