HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas — Riley Peavler said she is still mourning the loss of her father. 

When thieves broke into her storage unit and took some of her dad's irreplaceable possessions, it tore her apart. 

Lance Peavler was a military veteran, who served in Afghanistan, his daughter said. When he returned home, he and Riley Peavler just began to recreate their bond together.

"He got two medals when he went overseas, and this is the only one that we have now. But at least we have something," Peavler said.

Peavler said the two were planning to restore an old car together. Tragically, Lance Peavler passed away before that could become a reality. 

"I'm sorry I'm getting choked up," Peavler said. "It's hard to talk about because I miss my dad a lot. I miss him immensely."

In between moves, Peavler said she stored keepsakes from her father's life and his funeral in a Broken Bow Storage unit. 

She said thieves ransacked the unit a few weeks ago, taking almost everything, even a bag of her father's irreplaceable items. 

His ashes were in the bag. 

"Now it just feels like the rug was ripped out from under me again," Peavler said. "It's hard to think about the things that I've lost because I know there's not an opportunity to make more."

Peavler said much of her life was tucked away in that storage unit, but she only hopes to get one small piece of it back.

"Bring [the ashes] back and just let me have my dad back," she said. "Please... It's the only thing I have left of him."

Peavler said not much else has been on her mind since the ashes were taken. 

"I don't care about any of my things, I really don't care," she said. "All I want is him." 

KCEN Channel 6 did speak to the manager of the Broken Bow Storage facility where the theft happened. 

The manager said she is devastated for Peavler, and hopes her father's ashes are returned. 

The manager also said while the building isn't equipped with security cameras right now, there was a request filed to install them before the theft happened. 

The facility will have cameras up by the end of February, the manager said.