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Have you seen her? | Deaf puppy from Belton has been missing since Sunday

If you have any information on her or spot her, please call her owner, Brandi Fraizer, at 254-768-1839.
Credit: Brandi Frazier

BELTON, Texas — A deaf Miniature Australian Shepherd named Hailey went missing after she got spooked Sunday afternoon and took off into the wooded area in Belton. The owner, Brandi Frazier, said she and others been searching frantically to try and find the puppy ever since.

Frazier’s one-year-old puppy went missing during her own birthday party. According to Frazier, Hailey became spooked by another dog and escaped their backyard in the Mystic River subdivision near Highway 317 in Belton. 

“When we went to try and see if she’d calmed down we realized she’d gotten out under our stone fence,” Frazier said. 

She believes Hailey took off into a densely wooded area behind their house. 

Frazier quickly posted about Hailey’s disappearance on social media and thousands of people responded, sharing and commenting on her post. Frazier said they’ve had complete strangers show up to their house to help search for Hailey. 

Some people have even used thermal scopes and search dogs to try and locate the dog. Frazier said searching for a deaf dog, has its own unique set of challenges.

“Normally we’d be calling her name but because she’s deaf we really can’t do that. We’ve been trying to search as best we can at night because that’s usually something she responds to is light.”

Now, after Thursday’s ice storm and severely cold weather in the forecast, Frazier is terrified for her dog. She said if someone does see her they should try and offer her food or get low to the ground so Hailey feels less scared. 

“I’m assuming she’s hungry at this point, so if they had some food or could get down on the floor so she doesn’t feel intimidated, they might have a chance of getting her to come up to them,” she said.

Frazier is offering a $400 reward for Hailey’s return, no questions asked. She said at this point she’s praying her beloved pet is safe with a family somewhere and not still out in the cold. If you know anything about Hailey’s whereabouts, please call Frazier at 254-768-1839.

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