WEST, Texas — If you ask the players that Frank Kucera has coached through the years, they will all tell you that he would never let them give up.

"Frank pushes us always to try our best and to never give up," Maddison Uptmore said, a softball player he's coached since she was young.

His players also agree that he has made then better people.

"Frank goes above and beyond for all the kids in the community," Crystal LeDane said, who nominated Kucera. "When you're a coach to kids when their young and you still continue to take the time time when they grow old and all the way through their years, that means something to a parent."

Coach Kucera was selected as this weeks Subway Standout Coach and received a $125 in gift cards because of the difference he is making in the lives of youth in his area.

"It's a big honor to be nominated by Crystal," Kucera said. "My parents have always been the backbone of coaching."

Kucera has been coaching for the last 12 years, since his daughter began in T-Ball in 2007. He said coaching is in his blood ever since his Dad coached him during his West Little League days when he was 7-years-old.

Kucera said he just wants his players to remember what he's taught them, on and off the diamond.

"The life lessons of being a good teammate to being a good child to their parent," Kucera said. "To just be an all-around great kid and having fun doing what you love."

"Our country would be lost without people like Coach Frank," said LeDane. "The time you spend with the youth does really transform who they are going to be as an adult and for that, I really can't tell that man thank you enough."

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