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Here's how to try out a scooter in Waco before they hit the streets

By June, 50 bikes and 50 scooters from a company named Gotcha will come to downtown Waco, but you can try one now.

WACO, Texas — A scooter demo event is taking place in Waco ahead of the arrival of a new shared mobility program.

By June, 50 bikes and 50 scooters from a company named Gotcha will come to downtown Waco.

Clarissa Carr, a partner experience manager with Gotcha said their team is site planning and looking into different locations proposed by the city of Waco to place their hubs. The hubs are where the bikes and scooters will be stationed. 

Carr said the scooter demo is an opportunity to get to learn more about their assets.

"This is to give people a chance to ride them and test them out and see what the app looks like, and just get used to feeling what it's like to ride these electric assets," Carr said. 

Once the scooters and bikes arrive, Carr said it's pretty simple. You download their app on your phone, scan a QR code. All you need is an e-mail or phone number and you can ride around town. 

"Whether it's parking somewhere and taking a bike or a scooter to get to your end destination, whether it's using it recreational, popping out to lunch or something like that, it's just providing people with another option that's not a car," Carr said. 

There is a cost to rent the assets, but Carr said that has not been decided just yet. 

The event is taking place at Indian Spring Park in Waco at 5:45 p.m. Wednesday.

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