HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas — The Harker Heights High School Red Brigade Band is jamming their way through these tough times, still able to find a way to stay sharp during school closures and the shelter in place order.

The band has created a Quarantine Practice Challenge. 

Each day for 12 days members must record themselves playing the scale of the day on their instrument. The video clips are then posted on the band's Instagram page. 

"This kind of connects us and unifies us, even though we might be miles and miles apart from each other," HHHS Head Drum Major Antonio Fox said.

Eleventh graders Fox and Bass Trombone Player Whitney Wenet created the challenge. After several of their band events were canceled due to coronavirus, they said it's great to see friends and still feel like they're practicing right alongside them. 

"Even though we're in a bad time right now, you can still do what you enjoy doing," Wenet said.

Antonio's mother Jebelyn Wright said it's important to keep some sense of normalcy.

"I think it just gives them something to look forward to, maybe not this year if it doesn't happen, but maybe next year to keep them in routine," Wright said.

Antonio and Whitney hope the task keeps everyone's spirits lifted while challenging themselves to stay in tune.

"It really shows what our message is as the Red Brigade Band and that's that no matter where we are no matter what's going on we have that family bond," Fox said.

A winner will be randomly selected out of everyone who participates all 12 days for a reward. They will win a 30 dollar gift card that can be used at several eateries like Subway, Chick-Fil-A, Whataburger, Chipotle and more. 

The challenge is open to all Killeen ISD and Copperas Cove High band members and, they're considering expanding to even more. 

If you would like to follow along the band's journey, follow their Instagram page.

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