SALADO, Texas — An archeological site near Salado contains a record of human habitation spanning the last 16,000 years. Researchers found carved stone, similar to arrowheads, which could be from as far back as 15,500 years ago.

A group of researchers from a variety of universities, including Texas A&M and Baylor, were leading the project. Researchers believe the migrants that left the stones behind could have came from South America and might be considered the earliest people in North America.

"We might be on to something. Kind of a new way of looking at how humans came to North America and when," said Baylor University geoscience professor Steven Forman.

Forman worked on the research team and said the stones were used as weapons to hunt. The stones were found at the Debra L. Friedkin site near Buttermill Creek. Advances in research like this are exciting, Forman said.

"It really is a remarkable site, and it's a remarkable piece of science," Forman said.

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