On Wednesday, plumbers in central Texas were extremely busy making house calls. Temperatures rose above freezing, causing pipes to damage by the recent cold front.

Calls increased by 50 percent at Central Texas Plumbing Solutions. They said broken pipes were popping up everywhere.

"They freeze pretty fast,” Plumber Chris Sproles said. "especially if they are exposed to the outside and they are not protected."

Sproles said people should remember that once the temperature drops to 32 degrees or lower pipes have to be covered or insulated, or water will freeze inside and those pipes can they can burst. If you have a weekend home or a camper you should leave the heat on.

"It's really good to go ahead and leave the heat on during these cold temperatures. Don't turn it off because that actually helps warm the pipes and keep them insulated," Sproles said.

As the temperature dips below freezing Wednesday evening, Sproles said a small slow drip in your faucets through the night can also do the trick.

“Leaving the faucet dripping is just going to leave movement in the pipes. It will help from the water freezing," Sproles said. “Make sure it's on the cold side and not the hot side. Hot water tends to freeze faster than cold water.”

If your pipes are exposed Central Texas Plumbing Solution say you can get hose bibs or foam insulated covers fairly cheap from a hardware store or Home Depot.