TEMPLE, Texas — With a high chance of large, damaging hail rolling into the Central Texas area, bogus roofing contractors looking to make a quick buck may roll in too. 

KCEN Channel 6 weekend anchor Emani Payne spoke to local experts about the best way to find credible repair companies for hail damage on cars, homes and especially roofs. 

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President of the Temple Chamber of Commerce Rod Henry said in situations like this, it's best to shop local. If you call the chamber, they'll give you a recommendation. Additionally, you can visit its website for a list of credible roofing contractors. 

Henry said legitimate companies are usually well known in the community and have positive referrals from people you know. 

"These are businesses that are a part of our community," he said. "They sponsor the Little League games and the raffles. They live and breathe the community so they're reputable, credible and a lot of times even our neighbors."

Farmers Insurance agent Luann Van Lier said she's heard many horror stories of folks getting ripped off by fly-by-night contractors. To prevent this from happening, she said to make sure you have a written quote with a completion date and to get several referrals before hand. 

Van Lier also pointed out other red flags to keep an eye out for. 

"If they don't have a business card, if they can't give you a written quote, [and] you've never seen them before," Van Lier said. "You should really watch because you don't know where they came from, and you don't know where they're gonna go back."

The Better Business Bureau also said to resist high pressure sales from contractors who offer a low price if you sign on the spot. Be cautious of door-to-door contractors, and always check out every company on the BBB's website to avoid scams. 

Here are some more red flags to look for from roofing contractors:

  • The company isn't insured
  • The company asks you to pay in full up front 
  • The company doesn't provide a contract or completion date 

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