WACO, Texas — After receiving multiple calls from viewers looking to complain about Public Automotive in Waco, Channel 6 reporter Andrew Moore looked into what customers could do if they believe they're the victim of a crime. 

There were some notable similarities in some of the callers' stories.

In April, Channel 6 was able to get a refund for Shamika Kujabi, who bought a used car with a documented history of engine problems from the dealership.

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Earlier this week, Irvin Sanchez said the same dealership delayed fixing his truck because they said his warranty wasn't approved yet, despite the fact they already had him sign it.

Chellani Cooper bought a Camero at Public Automotive and said the vehicle broke down Easter Sunday. 

Cooper said the dealership told her they could not fix the Camaro because she had already driven the 6,000 miles and voided her warrant, but the difference between the contract and her current mileage shows she hasn't even put 5,000 miles on the vehicle. She said the incident made her lose all faith in the company.

"When it breaks down and you don't want to fix it, or you play us and say it has more miles than it is supposed to have then that's when the trust just goes out the window," Cooper said.

If you think a car dealer crossed the line between bad service and outright fraud, the first step to take is filing a police report. If there is evidence against the dealership and the District Attorney's office has received other complaints, they may be able to take action. 

Another way to fight against bad business is filing a complaint with the Texas Consumer Protection division. The Attorney General's website has a consumer complaint portal that allows users to submit complaints.

The division reviews complaints and works through the evidence to decide whether a lawsuit can be filed in the public interest.

The Attorney General's office also has advice on avoiding automotive scams, including a guide that details what to look out for when buying a used car