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'I'm not a hero' | Local man saves two people from burning car

Charles Green says he didn't think, he just moved.

TEMPLE, Texas — Police responded to a shooting early Saturday morning at Loop 363 in Temple. A suspect shot at two people in a car and the two victims crashed into a pole and a fire started.

Charles Green, a Killeen native, was on his motorcycle riding past the scene and he saw people standing and recording in front of the car. 

"Something told me to pull over," said Green. "I wasn't going to. I came out and I asked the people around I was like, 'are y'all okay?' Because I thought they were in the car. They was like, nah, there's people in the car so I just, I just ran to the car and to pull dude out."

Green says he felt a rush of adrenaline. Seeing the people in distress sparked something in him that he couldn't explain. He doesn't know why he moved into action, but it just happened.

A father, Green says he was moved into action even more when he saw a car seat in the back seat. Thankfully, no child was in the car, but he says he couldn't imagine standing and watching as a child possibly burned alive.

"I was checking for a kid in the backseat, there wasn't kid back there and the car actually caught on fire on the inside," Green told 6 News. "It started turning up around the floorboard and the engine just engulfed in flames."

Nonetheless, Green insists he is no hero. He did something he says he hopes more people would do. He says he just wanted to show some human decency.

"I would do it all over again," Green told 6 News.

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