Hewitt business Sometimes Spouse gets laughs out of most customers the first time they call. When national job listing site Indeed.com removed their listings from the site, it was no laughing matter. Now it seems Sometimes Spouse is in the dog house for good.

Owner Christy Ogle said Indeed.com first told the company they were removed because of their business model.

Ogle believed Indeed thought they were an escort service after a phone conversation with company representatives

"She says... 'well you know it's your business model' and I popped off 'what do you think we are an escort service?," Ogle said. "She goes 'you do rent out husbands and wives... i kinda laughed.'"

The business took steps to prove they are simply a house cleaning and handyman service. Ogle said the roles are not actually gender specific. A woman can be a "husband" and a man can be a "wife", though the official job titles are generally along the lines of "technician" and "house cleaner" respectively.

"I was rented as a husband multiple times and I outworked the guys on the job site." Ogle said.

Indeed however, decided that was not good enough. In an email to the company Indeed stated:

"We are fully aware that you are an Equal Opportunity Employer, but the company website/branding/strategy of looking for "Husbands" or "Wives" gives off gender-specific connotations to job seekers initially viewing the company or an open opportunity. At this time you would need to take your recruitment needs to a different source."

Channel 6 News reached out to Indeed.com to found out why the "connotations" where a problem for the job site. Indeed stated the following in response:

"Indeed must make millions of decisions every day on what jobs we will show to our users in response to their requests and we endeavor to do that to the best of our ability. We do not discuss individual cases in this regard."