An Iranian-American citizen living in Central Texas said the recent deadly Iran protests signal hope for the country's people.

The last time there were protests of this magnitude was nearly a decade ago back in 2009. Now, Iran's interior minister said as many as 42,000 people have taken part in the last week of demonstrations against Iran's government. Hamid Asgari said this protest is a little different from the past protests.

"It started in a city in Mashhad, which is one of the holy cities in Iran. So it started from there. And the slogan over there was mostly economic," Asgari said.

He immigrated to the U.S. back in 2012 and said the people are especially tired of the government misspending money.

"The consequence is the people get poorer and the country actually lose its credibility," he explained.

As he watches the developments unfold from Texas, he is not only concerned about his family but others too.

"It's dangerous for everyone out there. Because for those people who are opposing the regime, of course it's dangerous, but you should take risks for your freedom," Asgari said.

It's been especially violent since last week, with at least 20 people killed in the violence. He and his Iranian friends in Texas are concerned the government will slaughter those standing up for what he called oppression.

"Of course I am proud of those people, those young people who are protesting, and they are building their future," he said.

Channel Six reached out to Fort Hood's III Corps Division about the demonstrations. In a statement, Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve's Director of Public Affairs Colonel Thomas Veale said, "I think everyone can agree that that the stability of all nations in the region are a concern to us, and what's going on in Iran is certainly worth paying attention to because Iran is a regional power."

Asgari said it's time for a change.

"Because what they did during those 40 years I think it is time for them to get this response from people they don't want them," Asgari said.