TEMPLE, Texas — We keep hearing about new coronavirus cases, but what about people who’ve recovered from it? Kathryn Hermans is a 61-year-old Temple woman who’s on the mend after spending five days in the hospital with COVID-19. She shared her experience with 6 News Anchor Leslie Draffin.

Kathryn Hermans was in Scotland, traveling with family when she said she caught the coronavirus. She started feeling sick after she got back to Texas. Hermans said the illness started with a 102-degree fever, shortness of breath and a terrible headache. 

“On a scale from 1 to 10, I’d say it was a nine,” Hermans explained.

She had a doctor’s appointment previously scheduled, but when her temperature got high her husband drove her to the ER at Baylor Scott and White in Temple instead. 

Once there, Hermans said her husband notified staff that she might have the virus and they all took extra precautions to protect themselves and other patients.

When she saw doctors, Hermans said her temperature was up to 103 degrees. That, along with her pounding headache, meant she was in and out of consciousness for the first two days of her stay. She said she lost time and doesn’t remember much about those first few days at the hospital.

Hermans said she got a chest x-ray every day, was on IV medications, although she doesn’t remember the exact drugs, but never had to be put on a ventilator.

She went home earlier this week and is still working to recover. Hermans said her biggest complaint now is feeling weak. She said she tried sweeping her porch on Tuesday, but only got halfway done before she had to stop because of her breathing.

Hermans’ husband Michael, who’s 64, and her 28-year-old daughter Corrie also tested positive for the coronavirus. Neither had symptoms bad enough to need hospitalization. 

Hermans said the care she received at Baylor Scott and White was excellent and every time she had a question the doctors told her everything she needed to know.

So what should you know? Hermans said this virus is very hard to get over and she still doesn’t feel like herself.

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