BELL COUNTY, Texas — Democrat John Driver won the Precinct No. 4 County Commissioner seat with 9,653 votes, while Republican John Fisher received 6,180 votes. That translates to 61 percent of the votes going to Driver, and the remaining 39 percent to Fisher.

Andy Williams got 72 percent of the votes in his win for the Nolanville Mayoral seat, beating out Keith Biggs for the position.

Bell County propositions

All three propositions on the ballot in Bell County were approved.

  • The city of Bartlett narrowly voted in favor of its proposal on the ballot to sell its municipally owned electric utility.
  • Voters approved Florence Independent School District's proposal for a $7.5 million general school bond.
  • Morgan’s Point Resort residents approved a sales tax increase for street repair and maintenance.

Out of 17 elections in Bell County, 15 have a single candidate running unopposed. The seats for County Commissioner of Pct. No. 4 and Mayor of Nolanville are the only elections with multiple candidates.

County Commissioner, Pct. No. 4

• John Fisher (R):

Fisher is the republican incumbent defending his seat on the Bell County Commissioners Court. He is President of Fisher Brothers Electric LLC and is a State Licensed Auctioneer since 1976. According to his Facebook page, Fisher has worked to improve the county's infrastructure by focusing on road projects, protecting the water supply and higher education.

• John Driver (D):

Driver is the democrat looking to unseat Fisher. He served in the U.S. Army for 30 years, worked for Fort Hood Family Housing and volunteered at various civic organizations. His main priorities include developing an efficient public transportation system, keeping property taxes low and strengthening law enforcement.

Nolanville Mayor

• Andy Williams:

Williams is the president of the Nolanville Economic Development Corporation. He told the Killeen Daily Herald that he would bring the community together through more community events and having police officers build relationships with people.

• Keith Biggs:

Biggs is a former mayor and city council member. He told the Killeen Daily Herald that he's the best candidate because of his experience serving the city in those positions and on the Planning and Zoning Committee.

Uncontested elections

The following seats have just one candidate running.

169th Judicial District Judge - Gordon G. Adams (R)

264th Judicial District Judge - Paul LePak (R)

County Judge - David Blackburn (R)

County Court at Law No. 1 - John Mischtian (R)

County Court at Law No. 3 - Rebecca DePew (R)

District Clerk - Joanna Flores Staton (R)

County Clerk - Shelley Coston (R)

County Treasurer - Gaylon Evans (R)

County Commissioner, Precinct No. 2 - Bobby Whitson (R)

Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 1 - Theodore R. Duffield (R)

Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 2 - Cliff Coleman (R)

Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 3, Place 2 - GW Ivey (R)

Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 4, Place 2 - William Cooke (R)

Constable, Precinct 1 - Unexpired Term - Pat Duffiled (R)

Nolanville - Councilmember, Seat No. 1 - Joan Hinshaw