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Jubilee Food Market celebrates five-year anniversary

The non-profit grocery store is serving the Waco community

WACO, Texas — The Jubilee Food Market celebrated its five-year anniversary on Saturday with a block party outside of its store. 

The market exists to serve low-income families in the Waco community. It is fully funded by the non-profit, Mission Waco. 

“We’re celebrating not just five years of being in business, but also our slogan, live well, eat well," John Calloway, Mission Waco executive director, said. "So we have a lot of different healthy products inside the grocery store which we have for people to try. But then we also have different providers celebrating living well as well.”

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Calloway says a former grocery store used to occupy the space and when they asked residents what they wanted after it left, there was overwhelming support for a more affordable store.

Calloway says they wanted to create something that didn't exist, and that is exactly what they have done. 

The market goes out of there way to serve the needs of their customers. Store manager Robert Lopez says that he knows their names and knows what they want. 

“They know that we will try to give the dignity of giving the best customer service of any other place," he said. "The best part is  that they appreciate that we listen to the product they want and if I have to carry out the product to their car myself, I’ll be glad to do it.”

Calloway says that while they aren't turning a profit just yet, they are making progress towards that. He explains that the store is for all people, and they are serving fine products that can attract other customers.

“We think we have the product for people who want to come back to our store and come in the first place. A lot of the downtown farmers products that you would be able to find today on a Saturday, you can find at our store during the week.”

The celebration had raffle drawings, health screenings, and more. 

The store is located at 1505 N 15th St, Waco, TX 76707.